Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Moment to Stand Against Pure Evil: Planned Parenthood

Just when we thought the forces of evil could not have a stronger poster child than convicted murderer and abortionist Kermit Gosnell, we learned on July 14, 2015 that the federally-subsidized cornerstone institution of liberalism, Planned Parenthood, is in the business of selling the human remains of aborted children on the black market.  In order to be engaged in this line of business, Planned Parenthood must also be conducting partial-birth abortions which are also illegal. This is a doubly horrific revelation that tax payers are funding.

Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, was captured on video casually discussing over her lunch how her organization gets around the law that makes such a practice illegal and how there is such a demand for body parts at $30 to $100 per specimen.  She said,

See the undercover video clip recorded by Lila Rose’s non-profit Center for Medical Progress here. Dr. Nucatola, who oversees all abortions for all Planned Parenthood clinics, is very specific in how they go about this illegal practice and how they shield themselves through sub-affiliates in the sale of the body parts. She even has an on-line order form for the body parts the video highlights.

God has allowed us another look into what is happening just around the corner or across the street.  This is our generation’s call to respond to an evil not witnessed in the open since the uncovering of the concentration camps in Hitler’s Germany or even African slavery.  This is our holocaust and we cannot tolerate it or the profiteering associated with it. 

There is no other response to this but the immediate closure of all Planned Parenthood clinics and Congress along with the Department of Justice must force the investigation of all Planned Parenthood participants in this horrific crime and terminate all federal subsidies to this organization - the largest wholesale purveyor of murder in modern history.  How now can we tolerate the harvesting and sale of baby organs for profit?

We can rely on President Obama, the only sitting president to speak at a Planned Parenthood convention, to defend this.  He supports this.  This agenda is the same evil that now attacks crisis pregnancy clinics for not advertising the option of abortion to its patients. Please consider sharing this post, the video attached, and/or write all of your local congressional representatives demanding immediate action against Planned Parenthood.  No matter the ethnicity of the children they are butchering and selling or the communities in which they do it (by the way it is predominantly black babies since this is the largest population served by Planned Parenthood), the admission of this kind of practice out of the mouth of the Dr. Nucatola is irrefutable.  Now let’s do something about it since we know no liberal news will get this word out.  This is your moment to stand against evil.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Safe Havens for Illegal Aliens Kill Americans

Let’s face it, those who support the policies that create sanctuary cities have the blood of Americans on their hands.  One city in particular is San Francisco who is covered with the blood of Kathryn Steinle (32) who was murdered while walking along Pier 14 with her father by illegal alien Francisco Sanchez (45) on July 1st - a seven-time felon and five-time deportee who kept returning through our open borders. 

I naively thought that San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York were the only bastions of stupidity when it came to protecting the criminal illegal alien.  I was wrong.  There are 276 cities in 43 states who repeatedly violate the law to the detriment of law-abiding Americans by releasing and failing to notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) when illegal aliens are released from custody.  Criminal illegal aliens are being set free while Americans are being slaughtered.

What adds insult to injury is the lack of response to these types of murders from our leaders and our president in particular. Unlike in the cases of Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin, or Michael Brown, where the president delivered emotional commentary and a plea for justice, now there is silence. Who seeks justice for Kathryn?  He has not even acknowledged her death.  He, along with the mayors of these sanctuary cities, share contempt for the American people not an obligation to protect us.

President Obama replaced the Secure Communities Program with the Priority Enforcement Program (PEP) for this very purpose. PEP allows local agencies to ignore ICE notifications of deportable aliens in their custody.

While ICE is pointing its finger at San Francisco Sheriff Mirkarimi in this case, the truth is Mirkarimi and the federal government have no desire to keep the likes of Francisco Sanchez out of our communities.  Sanctuary cities released over 8,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records or facing charges [onto our streets] despite federal requests that they be turned over to ICE.

Congress must use its power against these violating cities and the president to mandate compliance with federal immigration law.  The Federation for American Immigration Reform (“FAIR”) is working to protect you even though your local representatives are not.  Sanctuary cities must end and they must end now.  Contact FAIR to take action in your state.  Your very life may depend on it.

Monday, July 6, 2015

I'm White, I am Racist!

The “white privilege” movement is taking hold in America and Oregon leads the way it seems some whites are putting on a new identity -“I am a racist.”  The Gresham-Barlow school district in the suburbs of Portland spends $100,000 a year on a mandatory week-long “white privilege” conference put on by non-profit Oregon Center for Educational Equality teaching white school officials they are racists and that black students cannot succeed because the system in which they are learning can only produce their failure.  This would make the liberation movement architects like James Cone and others very proud.  Notwithstanding that schools in inner cities are failing because of federal and union controls along with the lack of school choice to name only a few of the problems, this “white privilege” movement is an equal opportunity offender between blacks and whites.  Somehow, Latinos are left out – for now.

The event organizers in Oregon believe that,white racism pervades America’s public schools and, in fact, every nook and cranny of American society.”  The cornerstone of this belief is that “black culture is socialist by nature. Thus, they argue, hard work for personal gain and notions of private property are unfamiliar to young American black children who have never spent a day outside the United States.”  They believe that promoting personal responsibility and success through hard work is simply a meritocracy myth.

The consequence of this logic is that black students and blacks in particular (in the minds of others if not themselves) remain victims within American society while demoralizing and instilling unmerited guilt in those whites foolish enough to believe the idea of this movement.  And as well-meaning (but misguided) as the racist “Coaching for Educational Equity” conference and its ilk might be, they do black no favors by promoting this insanity and the balkanization of America. This would not be of interest if this were only occurring in Oregon.  It is not. 

This movement is a contemporary reprisal of the “Willie Lynch Letter-The Making of a Slave” of 1712 delivered by British slave holder Willie Lynch and used by Southern slave holders in America to break the African slave.  It created the illusion of superiority in whites, destroyed the African family by rape of African women and the sale of children, instilled fear in and dominance over the African male by physical and psychological violence all with the goal of rendering the African male, and ultimately the family, impotent.

And so I serve notice that we must fight this modern day Willie Lynch movement wherever it rears its ugly head.  Sensible whites must stand against it and blacks must not accept this victim characterization.  And so to those who promote this “white privilege” indoctrination movement in order to convince that hard work is not the key to success but rather their whiteness alone (and you black man or woman will never see success), you are the contemporary Willie Lynch’s of our day and you are the faces of true racism in America.

What America needs is equal opportunity for all and not a predisposed inferiority complex based on skin pigmentation – a throwback to the ideas of Germany philosopher George Friedrich Hegel upon whose philosophy Modern Progressivism is based.  Americans are better than that.

Now I Weep

Notwithstanding the question of morality or the availability of civil unions, the ‪‎SCOTUS‬ revisited it's horrific past reminiscent of the Dred Scott case of 1857 and Roe v. Wade of 1973 with a 5-4 opinion today making same-sex marriage the law of the land in all 50 states overruling the will of millions of Americans who voted otherwise.

This Supreme Court decision is not about gay rights, or civil rights, or tolerance or even equal protection. Marriage has been forced into the Constitution the same way the value of life was fabricated by the Scott and Roe cases. That's the problem. It's just not in there. Simple. Nothing for the court to interpret which means under the Constitution it's a State issue.

Rather, the decision today is about forcing the acceptance of a sexual behavior and making it the norm all while violating the First Amendment rights of others who believe differently.

So the court now invites us to fight in love. We will fight to prevent small businesses from being closed for failing to participate in gay weddings-and they will refuse; we will stand with the employees who, like the CEO of Mozilla, are now fair game to be fired for their religious beliefs-and they will be targeted; we will now fight to allow all houses of faith to practice their faiths without fear of the government; we must ensure that religious institutions who do not ascribe to the "new normal" may be formed and allowed to exist; and we must fight to ensure the exercise of religious freedom wherever a hand is raised against it.

For those who rejoice today, I understand why you rejoice. The court's opinion feels like a victory. Unfortunately, it's an illusion. The devil comes to kill, steal and destroy us all. This mask of victory and immoral law is only a blind spot that prevents you from seeing the division that begins today as people of faith do what they must to maintain their freedom in this country.

Now I weep. I weep not for those of us who will be persecuted for maintaining our religious beliefs and practices, but rather I weep for our nation. When a majority of the high court creates rights in the Constitution that don't exist, it abrogates its responsibility under Article III. Anything is possible now and as a result we all suffer. This opinion today will exact more harm than it intends to heal.

Rejoice not in ignorance.